Ranking the First 3 Places among the Top 50 Agricultural Products Cold Chain Logistics Enterprises

  • Ranking the First 3 Places among the Top 50 Agricultural Products Cold Chain Logistics Enterprises

    On Dec. 20-21, 2013, the 6th Annual Conference of China Cold Chain Logistics Industry sponsored by China Cold Chain Logistics Alliance was held in Beijing, with the attendance of more than 600 enterprisers from all over the country. Themed on “Trans-boundary Cold Chain and Cold Chain Crossing”, the annual conference looked back upon the development history of cold chain logistics industry, summarized development experiences, made an inventory of development problems, looked forward to development trend, comprehensively researched and analyzed the mode innovation, market impact, and change of competitive power and integration ability brought about by trans-boundary cold chain, as well as new propositions as to how cold chain enterprises shall cross over simplex cold chain warehousing and transportation business, and brought forward the objective of developing toward comprehensive …

    The annual conference announced the evaluation result of China’s Top 50 Cold Chain Logistics Enterprises and China’s Top Ten Outstanding Cold Chain Logistics Personages in 2013. Yurun ranked the first three places in China for its cold chain logistics, and the president of Yurun Agricultural Products Group was elected China’s Top Ten Personages Making Outstanding Contributions to Cold Chain Logistics. The conference issued the reform on the operation of China’s cold chain logistics industry and the development of Top 50 Enterprises, and launched the “Cold Chain Fund Program” and “Cold Chain Spider Program” to be formally started in 2014. In addition, the conference organized and arranged “transboundary cold chain and cold chain step-over”, “cold train spider program” regional alliance, and special-line unification and interaction activity; held special branch conferences on “refrigeratory safety operation and marketing management” and “refrigeratory real estate investment and financial solution”; and set up 20 enterprise booths at the meeting venue to recommend and introduce the software and hardware equipment of food, aquatic product, cold chain logistics, and technique types.

    During the conference, the related responsible person gave a speech, and he focused on introducing Yurun Group’s industrial development and Agricultural Products Group’s “333” development strategy, the objectives to be realized by Yurun during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Also, related responsible person interacted with journalists and representatives attending the meeting, and attracted the broad attention of the attendees.