Huangshan Yurun – Water Vision

    The five-star finely decorated holiday apartment project Huangshan Yurun – Water Vision is located at the centre of the Huangshan Yurun International Tourism Resort covering 8,000mu land in Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui Province, and is seated at the core area of Great Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area. In the holiday resort, there is the largest international standard 54-hole golf course in Eastern China (Rainbow Valley, Jade Valley, and the being planned Lotus Valley). The project is just located between the 10# hole and 18# hole of the Jade Valley Court. In the surrounding original ecological greens, the forest coverage ratio is up to 56%, and there are more than 1,200mu wetlands and more than 360,000 pines. Here, we may enjoy the fresh air in the holiday resort at any time.