Yurun Cooperated with DreamWorks to Create the LIVE Show “How to Train Your Dragon”

       On Jan. 13, the grand opening ceremony for the large-scale living theatre “‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show” created and produced by DreamWorks and solely invested and introduced by Yurun was held at the Beijing Bird’s Nest. Leaders from the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Yurun Group’s chairman Zhu Yicai, and American DreamWorks’ CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg attended the ceremony, introduced the project to partners and media friends, and invited global friends of “How to Train Your Dragon” to appreciate the world-class audio-visual feast at the Beijing Bird’s Nest. At the site of the opening ceremony, the video record of the performance was played, and the lifelike dragon, glaring visual effect, and shocking full-process experience excited the onsite guests, and made them look forward to the early performance of the “‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show”.


       Yurun Made Arrangement for Cultural Industry, Dragon Training Performance Settled in China

       On Jan. 14, 2013, China Yurun Group signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with American DreamWorks in Nanjing; announced that Yurun would invest USD1.0 billion to reach strategic cooperation with American DreamWorks in cultural industry and entertainment industry,; and took the lead in introducing world-class living theatre “‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show” and put it on the Chinese market. This action augmented the powerful march of Yurun into the cultural industry by cooperating with a world top-ranking cultural industry company.

       The cooperation agreement was only the starting point. Over the past year, Yurun pushed forward the implementation of this project actively by mobilizing various forces, and experienced multiple changes only in terms of site selection for this project. The “‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show” was performed in the form of tour in North America and Australia. However, in China, most performance venues could not bear 28t flying track and multiple dragons of several tons to make them “fly up” due to insufficient bearing capacity of the top. Finally, after several discussions, the National Stadium leased the surrounding training ground to the performing party, which started from scratch to build the theatre and experience hall according to performance the standard, so that this magnificent world-renowned performance was finally settled in China.

       “Our project has attracted the intense attention of the Beijing Municipal Government, and will strive to become one of the Beijing Top Ten Cultural Events in 2014. We believe that, by dint of Yurun’s effort, DreamWorks’ strength, and coupled with the assistance of the Beijing Municipal Government, this project will set a precedence for China’s cultural and creative industry, and become a cultural landmark with milestone significance.” Mr. Zhu Yicai, chairman of the board of directors of Yurun Group, commented that, “This strategic cooperation with American DreamWorks has great significance for the development of the cultural entertainment industry of Yurun Group, Nanjing, and even China. In the investment atmosphere that the government at all levels greatly supports the cultural entertainment industry, Yurun will spare no effort to develop the cultural entertainment industry, and provide the consumers with an entertainment experience that is full of creativity and beyond imagination by dint of its good brand effect and capital management advantage it created over the past 20 years.”


       DreamWorks Realized Its Dream in China after TwoYears of Carving

       DreamWorks Animation Company is a major film studio that ranks amongst the top ten in America, and develops, produces and distributes films, video games and television programs. The films it created and distributed have high reputation internationally, such as “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, and “the Croods”. The animation film “How to Train Your Dragon” ranked first for four times in seven weeks after its debut in 2010, realized a global box-office income reaching USD495 million, and was nominated for the Oscars Award in the same year. Later, by cooperating with the famous Australian entertainment company, Global Creatures, the DreamWorks created this film into a living theatre “‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show” for near-distance interaction with the audience. Since 2012, “‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show” has been performed in the form of tour successively in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada, and received unanimously positive comments of media and audience. The Age of Australia appraised that, “The glistening world premiere makes Melbourne proud of it”; the New Zealand Herald evaluated that, this theatre was “absolutely heart-shaking” and “represented the development direction of living theatre in future”. Today,, “‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show” comes to China, and will be exclusively produced by Yurun Group.

       “The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show” is a global performance that is technically the most complicated and advanced at present,.” said Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation Company, “In order to make this performance reach the peak of perfection, DreamWorks has spent a great amount of money in making every dragon. The innovation team of Global Electronic Biological Production Group and the story creators of DreamWorks Animation Company are awesome, and they give full play to their imagination, and present a memorable audio-visual feat for audience with an unprecedented scale.” “It’s really very exciting to see that, our film characters appear in front of the audience vividly with a brand-new entertainment methods that shock them incomparably! In 2014, we come to China with the works we are very proud of. We believe that, this works will make all the audience dumbfounded and cheerful.”

       Jeffrey Katzenberg is very optimistic about the cooperation with Yurun Group --- “The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show” is only the first step of our cooperation, and in future, we will bring more excellent works of DreamWorks to China, and cooperate more intensely and extensively ..”


       The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show 2014, a Performance Especially Worthy of Your Expectation

       According to the original work, the story is developed around a Viking teenager Hiccup who could not adapt to the dragon slaughtering tradition. After meeting with Night Fury Dragon Toothless, Hiccup saw earthshaking changes in his life, and this made him and his Viking companions learn to see the world through a different perspective. With the success of the film, the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show will be an unprecedented ultra-large living theatre, and when bringing about un-heard-of shocking experience for the audiences of different ages, it will break all the shackles of the traditional living theatre. During the performance, more than ten huge dragons will appear in front of the audience, and every dragon weighs more than 1.6 tons,, of whcih, the largest dragon “Red Death”, 13.5m high and 20m wide, is the largest economic animal that the production company has ever produced. During the performance, Viking warriors, world-class circus artists and actors will present a heart-warming and moving story for the audience. Amid breathtaking scenes of fire-dragons circling around overhead and the sincere smiles in the warm story, the audience will place themselves in the magnificent adventure. The whole performance will be a super feast satisfying the audiences’ demand on audio-visual stimulation.

       This living theatre having made a great success in the world market will be performed at the venue adjacent to the Beijing Bird’s Nest in 2014, for 4-8 rounds weekly. Besides the awesome and fantastic performance, the experience park absolutely restoring the Viking tribe and constructed meticulously by the performing party is also worthy of our expectation.


       More Splendid Shows after “How to Train Your Dragon”

       After the Spring Festival, the performance venue of “How to Train Your Dragon” Live Show will be started to construct, and it is estimated to complete in 3 months. Meanwhile, the performance team will come to China for warm-up and rehearsal. The pre-sale of tickets will also start after the Spring Festival, and the formal performance will start in Spring 2014. In order to better meet the demand of the Chinese audience, a large-scale reality show will also be launched by cooperating with the famous domestic video website, in order to select Chinese actors meeting requirements for the performance. After the start of the recruitment activity, screen tests will be carried out at the beginning of February.

       In future, Yurun Group will create a large-scale topic park in Nanjing, and promote it in Yurun Group’s complex projects suitable for development in other cities by combining with actual situations. Relying on Yurun’s capital, brand and management advantages, and coupled with the high start-point unveiling of‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live Show, Yurun will enlarge the scope of China’s cultural and tourism industry, enrich the connotation of China’s entertainment culture market, and set up a new model for China’s tourism and culture industry.

(Source: 21st Century Economic Report)


Photo taken at the News RELEASE Conference of “How to Train Your Dragon” Live Show --- Mr. Zhu Yicai Shook Hands with Mr. Jeffrey Katzenberg