Yurun Donated RMB 4 Million to Support the Education Development of Nanjing University

       In the afternoon of Sept. 10, 2013, at “The Scholarship Awarding Ceremony in celebration of the 29th Teacher’s Day” of the Nanjing University, the First “Yurun Teaching Lifetime Achievement Award”, named after the famous private enterprise Yurun Group in the country, was formally announced at the auditorium of its Gulou Campus. Lu Dexing and Wang Shouren, two old professors who had persisted at the front line of teaching for many years shared this special honor. Chen Jun, president of the Nanjing University, and Zhu Yicai, chairman of Yurun Group, jointly presented medals to the award-winners, each of whom was awarded RMB200,000. It’s learnt that, this was the biggest amount of single teaching assistantship presented by the Nanjing University so far.


       School-Enterprise Cooperation, from Rewarding Students to Rewarding Teachers

       The “Yurun Teaching Lifetime Achievement Award” is established mainly to reward those excellent teachers or teams who have made outstanding contributions to education and teaching, have produced abundant teaching achievements, enjoyed broad influences at home, and are deeply respected by other teachers and students. Professors Lu Dexing and Wang Shouren, as the first famous national teachers, completely meet such characteristics. Professor Lu Dexing, 73 years old, has persisted in working at the front line of teaching for 49 years, and never stopped teaching undergraduates or been late for work regardless of the weather. It’s really not easy to do so. Professor Wang Shouren, 58 years old, was elected the dean of the School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University 15 years ago, but he still finds pleasure in teaching students, and stands on the rostrum diligently.

       Besides the Lifetime Achievement Award, Yurun Group has specially donated “Yurun Fellowship”, which is mainly used to reward Nanjing University’s teachers working at the front line of teaching and producing outstanding achievements. This year, a total of 32 excellent teachers were elected, including Fu Yuanfeng of the College of Liberal Arts, and every one of them was rewarded RMB10,000. In addition, the “Zhu Yicai Scholarship” is established aiming at hardship students in every academic year, and it is used to subsidize excellent Nanjing University students from poverty-stricken families , in order to help them finish their studies.

       Actually, this was the start of Yurun Group’s second Five-Year Plan for donating to the Nanjing University. In 2008-2012, Yurun completed the donation of RMB1.50 million “Zhu Yicai Scholarship” in 5 years, and subsidized a total of 500 students from poverty-stricken families. In order to continuously support Nanjing University’s plan for teaching reform of regular college courses, Yurun Group renewed the Donation Agreement with Nanjing University this year, stipulating that Yurun Group would donate a total of RMB4 million in 2013-2017, namely, RMB800,000 annually, to support the development of the Nanjing University.


       Respecting Teachers and Laying Stress on Teaching, Private Enterprises Acted as Pioneers Bravely

       At the Awarding Ceremony of Nanjing University, Yurun Group’s chairman Zhu Yicai said that, Yurun is a private enterprise established in the advent of reform and opening to the outside world, and growing up in the era of China’s economic flourishing, and is benefited from the support of all social circles, so we have a deep gratitude in our hearts. As a private enterprise, Yurun has always taken as its obligatory responsibility to practice the concept of enterprise citizen and return the society actively. Therefore, Yurun has always paid much attention to education and commonweal undertakings, and constantly increased the donations in the education field.

       Firstly, in the field of education support, Yurun has established student subsidies in more than ten famous universities in the last five years, including Nanjing University, Southeast University, and Anhui University, and subsidized more than 5,000 poverty-stricken students. This year, in order to express the admiration for teachers’ teaching and selfless dedication, Yurun Group joined in to subsidize and commend excellent teachers.

       Furthermore, Yurun pays much attention to the education of primary and high schools in poverty-stricken areas. It grants special funds annually to donate the construction of “Glorious Primary School” in western “former revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by minority races, and remote and border areas and poverty-stricken areas” . Especially in 2008, after the Wenchuan Earthquake, Yurun separately donated RMB25 million to reconstruct the Mianzhu Ziyan Yurun High School, which could accommodate more than 3,000 students at one time.

       The competitiveness of an enterprise is not only shown in their development level, but also in their social responsibility. Only enterprises having the courage to undertake social responsibilities could become top-ranking enterprises. Always with the mind of “repaying the society”, Yurun Group has constantly participated in social commonweal and charity undertakings, and provided aids generously to rescue the victims of the Wenchuan Earthquake, Yushu Earthquake, Zhouqu Mud-Rock Flow Disaster, and in Yurun “One Heart Helping 1,000 Poverty-Stricken Families” Commonweal Project. In recent years, it has accumulatively donated more than RMB350 million to various institutions, and successively received many special honors, such as “Top Ten Charitable Enterprises of the Ministry of Civil Affairs”, “Advanced Collective of Earthquake Relief of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce”, and “China Charity Award”,. (Source: National Business Daily)