Yurun Ranked 112 Amongst China’s Top 500 Enterprises

       On Aug. 31, the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Enterprise Directors Association issued “The List of China’s Top 500 Enterprises 2013” in Kunming, and SinoPec ranked the first place in the list for the ninth successive year successively by dint of operating revenue of RMB2,830.6 billion in 2012. Famous national private enterprise Yurun Group ranked 112th in the list by dint of operating revenue of RMB106.1 billion in 2012, advanced by 6 places over 2011; also, Yurun realized stable growth in the last five years. It ranked the first place among the domestic enterprises giving priority to meat product processing, and was also one of the national 123 enterprises successfully joining the “Club of RMB100 Billion Operating Revenue”. This was another special honor obtained by Yurun Group after ranking 8 amongst the “China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises 2013” issued by All China Federation of Industry and Commerce on Aug. 29.

       In the list of China’s Top 500 Enterprises issued this time, , the top ten enterprises were still “China’s” state-owned enterprises, same as that issued last year. Except for SinoPec, the enterprises ranking 2-10 were respectively PetroChina, State Grid, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Mobile Telecommunications, China State Construction Engineering, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. The finalist threshold was increased accordingly to RMB19.867 billion this year. The overall scale of China’s Top 500 Enterprises was expanded continuously, and the total operating revenue broke through RMB50 trillions for the first time, but the growth rate was slowed down obviously, and dropped by 12% over last year. In addition, what is worthy of our attention is that, among the 500 enterprises, 216 enterprises witnessed negative growth of net profit, and 43 enterprises even suffered losses, which seldom occurred before.

       In this list, a total of 8 enterprises in Nanjing were elected into China’s Top 500 Enterprises, of which Suning Group ranked 39 amongst China’s Top 500 Enterprises by dint of operating revenue of more than RMB232.7 billion; and the other 7 Nanjing-based enterprises in China’s Top 500 Enterprises were Yurun Group Co., Ltd., ranking 112; Nanjing Iron & Steel Group Corp., ranked 174; The Sanpower Group Co., Ltd., ranked 205; Jiangsu High Hope International Group Co., Ltd., ranked 233; Jiangsu Gaoli Group Co., Ltd., ranked 329; Nanjing China Health Care (Group) Co., Ltd., ranked 376; and Jiangsu SOHO Holdings Group Co., Ltd., ranked 498.

       Famous domestic private enterprise Yurun Group, aiming to join “World Top 500 Enterprises”, took a giant step toward the “List of China’s Top 500 Enterprises” this year. By dint of operating revenue of RMB106.1 billion, it not only rose by 6 places to the 112th place in the general list, but also rose by 7 places to the 39th place in the “List of China’s Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises”, and became one of the only two enterprises giving priority to foodstuff in the list (the other was Bright Group ranking the 34th place). In the last two years, Yurun Group has stepped into the important stage of “transformation and upgrading, expansion and innovation”. In terms of organization structure, it has established a holdings group, governing seven subgroups including food, agricultural products logistics, real estate, commerce, tourism, building and finance; has perfected industrial structure, and implemented the strategy of “synchronous and coordinated development of multiple industries”. In the major food industry, Yurun has persisted in the concept of “You trust because we care”, produced foods with conscience, taken the lead in promoting the “low-temperature consumption concept” of meat foods at home from previously dealing with meat food processing generally to currently focusing on “low-temperature meat foods” processing, and hammered to changing the laggard meat food consumption habit of the populace to the safer, more nutritious, and more scientific consumption concept of “low-temperature wisdom, and elegant life”. In addition, Yurun has focused on developing “modernized agricultural products logistics industry” in recent years, completed many global purchasing centers in Xi’an and Chengdu, which have become the largest “food basket” livelihood projects of the locality and completed the national preliminary logistics coverage. Meanwhile, Yurun modern business block takes third-generation urban complex as the core, and puts forth effort to inject economic energy for third-tier cities and counties.

       In recent years, Yurun has accelerated international expansion, and enjoyed increasingly great influences internationally. Important members of the government of many countries, and international magnates have visited Yurun successively, and Yurun is gradually becoming an external expression symbol of China’s private economy. In overseas business development, Yurun has successively cooperated with famous international enterprises like Japanese ITO, Italian Beretta, and DreamWorks, introduced foreign advanced process and management experiences, and meanwhile, exported its own products to international markets. At present, Yurun products have been exported to Russia, Korea, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Australia. (Source: First Financial Daily)