Yurun Showed up at the Eighth International Retailers’ Sourcing Fair, and Promoted Low-Temperature, Intelligent and Elegant Living

       On July 4, 2013, the Eighth International Retailers’ Sourcing Fair (“IRSF”) was opened in Nanjing, and large retail groups, both national and overseas, showed up, including Yurun, Suning, Carefour, Wal-Mart, and Suguo, Fu Ziying, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, turned up at the meeting place in person, and had a cordial exchange with the exhibitors. As “host” enterprise attending the IRSF, Yurun mainly exhibited its characteristic low-temperature foods at its booth, and invited many travelling merchants to have a taste of low-temperature, elegant and intelligent life, which has become one of the brightest spots at the IRSF.


       Richer Cooperation Contents at IRSF

       Compared with previous “IRSF”, this pageant had more accurate target orientation, expanded the scale and influences, and adopted a simpler form of activity. It cancelled the opening ceremony for the first time, and the sponsor will spend more energy on how to provide better services for both purchasers and suppliers, and build a platform of product exhibition, information exchange, and trade & purchasing for exhibitors and purchasers, in order to promote industrial development. In line with the principles of handling the fair in a thrifty way, this IRSF will combine the opening ceremony with proseminar, and the high-quality suppliers press conference with exchange conference, and further strengthen the connection between suppliers and purchasers; based on holding the international retailer groups’ purchasing exchange conference and the international purchasing exchange conference, this IRSF will hold the seminar and UN purchasing description and exchange conference for the first time, enhancing its professional influences. Besides canceling the opening ceremony, the organizer properly adjusts the conference and exhibition structure proportion, that is, a reduction of the exhibition scale, and an increase in the area of purchasing exchange venue, an extension of the exchange time, enabling the enterprises actually having the demand and capacity toexhibit, and making more enterprises participate in the exhibition and negotiation. For all exchange activities, the organizer will realize the paired negotiation between purchasers and suppliers according to purchasing lists and paring will in advance, in order to help attending enterprises to achieve practical effect in exchange activities.

       The Eighth IRSF set up 534 standard booths for purchasers and suppliers, and attracted the participation of a total of 215 suppliers from 14 provinces, regions and cities, and nearly 20 multinational retail groups, large national commerce and trade circulation enterprises and international purchasers, including large and famous domestic and overseas enterprises like Yurun, RT-Mart, Carrefour, WAL-Mart, and Suning. It’s estimated that, during this IRSF, nearly 1,500 purchasers and suppliers would participate in the exhibition, and several hundred rounds of professional paired negotiations would be held. As of the present, besides multinational retail groups participating in the exhibition, this IRSF will attract around 140 purchasers to attend the exchange conference, and the area of exchange zone will reach up to around 10,000m2, of which there will be around 70 international purchasers, including UN Purchasing Agency, British Alliance Boots, Australian Launceston, American Blue Frog, China-Europe Textile Alliance, and SISTEMA MODA ITALIA,; and around 74 purchasers inside and outside the provinces.


       Yurun Became the high light at the Exhibition

       As one of the “old major characters” of “IRSF”, Yurun participated in the Eighth IRSF with its characteristic low-temperature foods. Yurun was the largest among the food enterprises participating in the exhibition on the spot, and exhibited many kinds of products, with low-temperature foods prevailing, including not only Yurun’s MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) products of chilled fresh meat and “Europe Continental Style” delicacies, but also such characteristic high-grade hotel products as Prosciutto di parma and Italian salami; meanwhile, New Zealand AFFCO mutton newly introduced by Yurun at the beginning of this year appeared at this IRSF according to appointment. On the spot, Yurun held a “Food Tasting Conference”. Cao Jijun, assistant to the president and vice technical director general of Yurun Food Group, cooked personally delicious Yurun western-style products and genuine New Zealand AFFCO mutton chop for traveling traders, and invited them to have a taste oglow-temperature intelligent and elegant living. Beautiful and decent booth arrangement, together with the delicious and healthy Yufun foods made Yurun booth become the focus on the spot instantaneously. Fu Ziying, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, visited the Yurun booth, and listened to the introduction given by Yang Linwei, vice present of Yurun Food.

       The Yurun booth attracted the visits and discussions of a large number of traveling traders. The representatives of international retail magnates like Carrefour, WAL-MART, RT-MART, Auchan, and Suguo, come to the Yurun booth to visit the low-temperature products and taste the Yurun delicacies. Officials of the World Food and Agriculture Organization, and purchasing officials of the United Nations World Food Programme came to the Yurun booth out of admiraction for the brand, spoke highly of Yurun food, and expressed the intention to cooperate with Yurun, in order to make more people in the world taste Yurun food.


       Yurun Retail Channel Strerngthened by Utilizing This Opportunity

       IRSF is a pageant of circulation and retail purchasing. As “the leader of the national food industry” and “the navigator of low-temperature meat foods”, Yurun pays much attention to the construction of a modern circulation system. Internally, Yurun has actively developed a full industry chain operation, established its own full-process cold-chain circulation system, developed a modern agricultural products logistics industry, and made full efforts to create agricultural and sideline products global procurement centers with “base’s direct supply, factory’s direct selling, terminal distribution, and electronic settlement” as the core nationwide. Externally, Yurun pays much attention to the cooperation with international brands, and has established its own marketing network. Yurun’s coverage in international and domestic chain department stores and supermarkets has reached more than 99.5%, and especially, it has established long-term good partnership with such international retail groups as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Auchan, RT-Mart, and Metro, making Yurun the leader among domestic counterparts in terms of market coverage ratio.

       By attending this pageant, Yurun aimed at looking for more and better collaborators, deepen the partnership and conduct deeper communication with retail magnets like Wal-Mart and Carrefour. Meanwhile, by taking the opportunity of IRSF, Yurun hoped to raise the confidence in the meat food consumption market.


       Low-temperature Intelligent and Elegant Life

       “At this IRSF, Yurun gives priority to low-temperature foods, and brings more high-grade hotel products to the booth. By taking this opportunity, Yurun hopes to bring high-grade foods consumption to common families, and thus promote the transformation of meat consumption in China,” Yurun Group’s market director Zhou Yunshan explained, “Tasting an elegant and successful life with low-temperature life style and wisdom is just the ‘low-temperature wisdom, tasting elegant life’ proposed by Yurun, and the Yurun food concept will be our main promotion in the future.”

       Along with the enhancement of people’s living standard and income, consumers have begun to seek a better-quality and higher-grade life. In the consumption of meat foods, people not only require delicacy, but look for more food safety and an elegant life concept, and hope to experience an elegant and successful life. Undoubtedly, low-temperature meat foods are the perfect combination of delicacy, food safety and the elegant life concept; tasting low-temperature meat foods is just an intelligent life style, and a tongue-tip experience of an elegant and successful life. Yurun has always hammered at creating China’s own low-temperature meat food brand. It is the largest producer and operator, and the pace-maker of low-temperature meat foods at home, and has ranked the first place for the share held in China’s low-temperature meat products market for 15 years successively. Meanwhile, Yurun has always promoted “the concept of low-temperature life”, produced high-grade, delicious and healthy low-temperature meat products, promoted the transformation of meat consumption method in China, and made more people enjoy low-temperature life consumption and “taste low-temperature wisdom and elegant life”. (Source: First Financial Daily)