Out of Concern for Ya’an, Yurun Donated RMB 1 Million and 10t Vegetables

       On Apr. 26, 2013, the famous domestic enterprise Yurun Group “taking the development of the national food industry as its own responsibility”, donated RMB1 million urgently to Yaan in earthquake through the United Front Work Department and the Federation of Industry and Commerce of China, and entrusted China Glorious Career Foundation to deliver the donation to the Sichuan Disaster Alleviation Department, for the emergency rescue and post-disaster reconstruction of Yaan earthquake disaster area. Meanwhile, Yurun required its branches in Sichuan and other places of China to solicit contributions and prepare to provide rescue for the disaster area at any time. This was not the first time for Yurun to make donations against major disasters. Whether it be in rescuing major national disasters like Wenchuan Earthquake, or in supporting the construction of poverty-stricken areas and various commonweal charity activities, we could see the busy figure of Yurun. In recent years, Yurun has made a variety of donations amounting to more than RMB300 million in total.

       It is learnt that, as early as the fourth day after the earthquake, namely, the 24th day, Yurun Sichuan International Agricultural Products Exchange Center (Yurun Chengdu Logistics), a subsidiary of Yurun Group, in coordination with the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, urgently allocated 10t fresh vegetables worthy of hundreds of thousand RMB Yuan for the disaster area . Workers began to load these vegetables at 4:00a.m., and then two full trucks of vegetables were sent to Longmen Town, Lushan County, the center of the earthquake. After the disaster, due to road congestions and serious disaster situation, the harder-hit area Longmen Town needed food and drinking water urgently, and was in more serious shortage of fresh vegetables and fruits. The 10t fresh vegetables delivered by Yurun Chengdu Logistics included not only nutritious vegetables like green pepper and onion, but also plentiful vegetables available to keep for a long time, like potato and pumpkin. This not only satisfied the pressing need, and guaranteed the supply of vegetables to the disaster area, but also made the people in the disaster area feel the care and warmth, and provided convenience for post-disaster rescue. Yurun Chengdu Logistics’ employees felt that, besides the Company’s donation, they should do something more, so they organized donation spontaneously, conveying their regard to the people in the disaster area. Related person responsible of Yurun Chengdu Logistics also said that, if necessary, the Company would continue to organize the donation of goods and materials, and transport them to the disaster area directly.

       Since its foundation, Yurun has always adhere to the concept of “You trust because we care”, has been a qualified corporate citizen, has been enthusiastic about commonweal charity undertaking, and has been brave to undertake social responsibilities. Especially in the face of major disasters, Yurun has stood at the front line of disaster rescue every time. After the occurrence of Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, Yurun donated more than RMB30 million accumulatively to help with the homestead reconstruction in disaster area, of whcih Mianzhu Ziyan Yurun High School was reconstructed with the Group’s sole donation of RMB25 million, formally completed and put into use on Dec. 22, 2009; after the Taiwan wind damage of magnitude-8.8 in 2009, Yurun donated RMB1 million; after the Qinghai Yushu Earthquake in 2010, Yurun Group donated RMB10 million to the disaster area at the first moment; and after the Zhouqu Mud-Rock Flow in August 2010, Yurun Group donated RMB5 million.

       When developing itself, Yurun hopes to make more people rid of poverty and become better off. In 2012, Yurun started the “One Heart” commonweal project. In 4 years, the Group and its senior managers will jointly invest RMB40 million to start the commonweal charity support program aiming at 1,000 exceptionally poverty-stricken families, aiming to help these families rid of difficulties in life and improve the level of happiness by assisting them with employment and solving difficulties for them.

       Zhu Yicai, the head of Yurun, has always considered that, private enterprises must do things beneficial to the society; the society shall be benefited before enterprises; and enterprises’ final development is surely to “return the society and create harmony jointly”. Yurun has always practiced its social responsibilities as a “corporate citizen”, and interpreted the “conscience” of private enterprises with its own practical actions. (Source: People’s Network ---www.people.com.cn)