Yurun Once Again Became Sales Champion in Low-Temperature and Chilled Fresh Meat Market

       On Mar. 25, 2013, China General Chamber of Commerce and China National Commercial Information Center jointly issued the “Statistical Results of Commodity Sale in the China Market 2012” in Beijing. According to data, Yurun ranked the first place in China for the market share of both low-temperature meat products and chilled fresh meat. Analysts considered that, Yurun’s obtaining such excellent results in the market for multiple times was due to the fact that, the enterprise had paid much attention to the innovation of product technology and channel over a long period of time.

       It’s learnt that, the “News Release Conference on the Statistical Results of Commodity Sale in the China Market” has been held successfully for 21 times so far. As one of the most authoritative information issuance platforms at home, it has attracted the broad attention of national retail and brand enterprises, and it is said to be the overall national check and review of commodity sale and brand. Zhang Zhigang, Chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce, and Wang Yao, director of China National Commercial Information Center, as well as the principals and representatives of leading brand enterprises in the sale of various commodities in the China market in 2012 attended the conference.

       The Conference summarized the operation of China’s consumable market in 2012, the characteristics of sales operation in the market of main commodities like household appliances, foods and costumes, and issued the statistical results about the sales of the main commodity brands and the operation of large-scale retail enterprises in 2012. At the News Release Conference, Chairman Zhang Zhigang gave a speech, Director Wang Yao conducted the press release. The Conference Organizing Committee issued authoritative information on multiple awards, including “Champion Star 2012”, and “National Best Professional Manager of Large-scale Retail Enterprises”.

       Insiders consider that, as a new variety of meat products, chilled fresh meat is showing a good market prospect. Having overcome the deficiencies and defects in the quality of hot fresh air and chilled meat, and inhibited the growth and breeding of most microorganisms, chilled fresh meat will become the mainstream of fresh pork consumption. At present, owing to insufficient cold processing and cold chain logistics facilities in China, carcass meat and hot meat still account for around 60% of all the meat in the market, while chilled fresh meat and small-package meat account for only 10%, which is far below the 100% cold chain circulation rate of meat in developed countries. Experts predict that, chilled fresh meat will become the “major character” of all supermarkets in the next few upcoming years in China.

       It is learnt that, Yurun is the earliest food enterprise to set foot on the chilled fresh meat market in China, and has unique knowledge of the chilled fresh meat market. With today’s cold chain logistics becoming increasingly popular, this has brought about a new development opportunity for Yurun. It’s learnt that, cold chain transportation is the guarantee of food safety and freshness. As a leading enterprise of meat products, Yurun has adopted the strategy of “grasping both links simultaneously” in cold chain management. On the one hand, it transports meat products with its own logistics system; and on the other hand, it cooperates with third parties to integrate cold chain resources. At present, through the base network covered at each place, Yurun Group has persisted in effective cold chain coverage within a radius of 300km, realized effective connection of production place and market, maintained safety and freshness of products, and is able to deliver fresh and delicious Yurun foods to all the people in the country within 12 hours.

       In recent years, based on industry chain and closely relying on independent innovation, Yurun has raised its continuous competitiveness, and become the first private enterprise simultaneously owning “National Key Laboratory”, “Post-Doctoral Work Station” and “Academician Work Station” in China’s food industry. With the technological element of chilled fresh meat permeated to every section “from the field to the dining table”, Yurun truly contributes world class safety foods to consumers by technological means.

       In addition, Yurun Group has obtained outstanding achievements in channel innovation. Over the past 20 years since its foundation, Yurun Chain Specialty has created a sales miracle of RMB10 billion with the great support and joint effort of Yurun, its alliance businesses and napa stores. It has not only brought about the brand-new concept of chilled fresh meat to the Chinese people, but also solved difficulties in employment and entrepreneurship for thousands of families, and helped Yurun ranked the first place in the China market in terms of chilled fresh meat for many years successively. Today, Yurun Specialty Store has become the best operation mode for releasing and further enlarging the brand advantage and brand value of Yurun.

       “Food comes first to people, so does safety to food”. Food safety relates to the safety of common people’s life. In order to provide reassuring and safe meat products for the common people, Yurun Group has always adhered to the core business concept of “Your trust because we care”, created a safety food chain of from headstream to terminal end, covering each section like planting, feedingstuff, breeding, cultivation, slaughtering, fine and deep processing, cold chain storage and transportation, and biopharmaceutical, and formed the pattern of all-series products of multiple categories and thousands of varieties, such as chilled fresh meat, chilled meat, low-temperature meat products, and high-temperature meat products. At present, the Group owns four brands, namely, “Yurun”, “Wangrun”, “Furun” and “Dazhong Roulian”. (Source: National Business Daily)