Yurun and American Dream Works Reached Strategic Cooperation

       On Jan. 14, 2013, China Yurun Group signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with American DreamWorks in Nanjing. Leaders from related departments of Nanjing, the CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and President Lewis Coleman of American DreamWorks, the CEO Li Ruigang of Oriental DreamWorks, and the Chairman Zhu Yicai and President Zhu Yiliang of Yurun Group, attended the contract signing ceremony. Then, the leaders of Nanjing City met with Jeffrey Katzenberg and his escorts.

       According to the Agreement, Yurun will reach strategic cooperation with American DreamWorks in cultural industry and entertainment industry, and took the lead in introducing the world famous family entertainment living theatre “How to Train Your Dragon” and put it on the Chinese market. This action shows that, Yurun would march into the cultural industry powerfully by cooperating with the world top-ranking cultural industry company.


       American DreamWorks Visited Jiangsu for the First Time

       This was the first time for American DreamWorks’ senior managers to visit Jiangsu collectively. At the contract signing ceremony, there was dense atmosphere of animation and entertainment, and DreamWorks exhibited to the world the video of its classical representative works --- the living theatre How to Train Your Dragon, and the model of Night Fury Dragon. These novel and innovative works attracted the attention of onsite media and attendees. Mr. Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of American DreamWorks Animation Company, said that, DreamWorks mainly hammered at creating various high-quality entertainment works for the audience across the whole world, including CG animation film, special collection of short TV films, serial television animation and live entertainment programs. He was very optimistic about the cooperation with Yurun Group.

       Mr. Zhu Yicai, Chairman of Yurun Group, said in his speech that, “This strategic cooperation with American DreamWorks has great significance for the development of the cultural entertainment industry of Yurun Group, Nanjing, and even China. In the investment atmosphere that the government at all levels greatly supports the cultural entertainment industry, Yurun will spare no effort to develop cultural entertainment industry by dint of the good brand effect and capital management advantage it created over the past 20 years.”

       DreamWorks is a major film studio which ranks amongst the top ten in America, and develops, produces and distributes films, video games and television programs. It has world top-ranking creation talents and a management team, and is the only animation film company which could act as a counterweight to American Disney. It has produced the typical animation films like “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, and “Kung Fu Panda”,.; as well as the live-action commercial films like A Beautiful Mind”, “American Beauty”, “Gladiator”, “Saving Private Ryan”, and “Transformers”. According to Jeffrey Katzenberg’s introduction, DreamWorks will provide films for the world audience in 2013, including the “Croods (interim name)”, “Turbo (interim name)” and “Welcome to the Punch (interim name)”,.

       Industrial experts consider after analysis that, the DreamWorks’ marching into the Chinese market this time completely meets China’s active demand on making culture “go abroad” and looking for more dialogues with the world. The DreamWorks and Yurun Group’s cooperation in developing culture and entertainment industries in China will not only expand the Chinese market for DreamWorks, but also positively push forward the further development of China’s cultural and creative industry.


       Yurun Has the Gene for Creating a Larger and Stronger Cultural Entertainment Industry.

       In recent years, the domestic cultural entertainment market has been expanded sharply, and the demand on cultural entertainment consumption has grown quickly. Meanwhile, along with the gradual expansion of policy effect, “developing country with culture” has attracted attention as a national strategy, and cultural innovation industry has become a new blue sea for economic development. China’s ever-growing cultural demand has attracted foreign capital to enter the cultural industry. At the beginning of 2012, American DreamWorks and the Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Foundation established the “Oriental DreamWorks” in the form of joint venture, and the first important task was just to “produce animation films cooperatively”. The cooperation between Yurun and DreamWorks just embodies the “brining in” and “going abroad” of the cultural industry, as required by China’s “developing country with culture” strategy.

       After 20 years of development, Yurun has grown into a large diversified industrial group integrating seven industries, such as food, agricultural product logistics, and modern business. Pushed by China’s concept of “developing country with culture”, Yurun, as a leading enterprise in China’s food industry, has taken the lead in stepping onto the road of accelerating the intervention in cultural entertainment industry by dint of developing new urban complexes. The two parties’ win-win cooperation this time will powerfully promote Yurun to prize up the gate of cultural entertainment industry, and to plan the development road of cultural entertainment industry at a high starting point and according to high standards, by relying on its own capital, brand and management advantages.

       In recent years, Yurun has focused on the breakthrough development of new urban commercial complexes in regional key cities with a long-range internationalized foresight, and provided one-stop services like shopping, office, hotel, restaurant, culture, entertainment, leisure, and body building, providing a good platform for the cooperation with DreamWorks in developing cultural industry. At present, Yurun ranks 118 amongst China’s Top 500 Enterprises, 46 amongst China’s Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises, 8 amongst China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises, and 1 in China’s Meat Food Processing Industry. Yurun has actively developed overseas markets, strengthened international cooperation, accelerated internationalization, and enjoyed increasingly great international influences. In addition, Yurun has always worked hard in cultural construction in order to realize “enterprise governance with culture”, and strived to ascend into the World Top 500 Enterprises in 2015, realizing the dream that China’s national enterprise marches toward the world.


       Illusionary living theatre “How to Train Your Dragon” Will Give Its Debut in Chinese Market.

       “How to Train Your Dragon” is a living theatre created by DreamWorks and produced by it together with Australian Global Creatures Company, which is the mastermind of the world tour of the ultra-large living theatre “Walking with Dinosaurs”. Enlightened by the DreamWorks’ film “How to Train Your Dragon”, the onsite performance of this living theatre involved more than ten fiery dragons, some of which had wings of up to 14m long, as well as Viking warriors, world-class circus performers and acrobats; a deeply touching story was added to the performance, truly bringing about a non-forgettable experience for the whole families. Through the close interaction of the most advanced electronic animal technology, large-scale movie projecting and actors, the living theatre brought the onsite audience into an unprecedented world of myth. The reputable living theatre “How to Train Your Dragon” will start a tour in China after the tour in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada in 2012. At present, Yurun is planning the detailed matters about the tour in China with the operating team of this living theatre, and in the near future, the tour of this living theatre will start first in each big city.

       Jeffrey Katzenberg emphasized that, “From the global debut in 2012 to the latest tour in North America, the living theatre ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ has received unanimously favorable comments from audience and film commenters, and we are very proud of it. What’s more, we have confidence to raise the entertainment experience created by ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ to a brand-new height by dint of the platform of our partner Yurun Group, and will contribute it to Chinese new-generation family audience.”

       According to the introduction of the person responsible for the project, Yurun Group plans to make a huge investment in creating a large-scale urban tourism complex project with a theme on famous world brands like DreamWorks, and will promote it in Yurun Group’s complex projects suitable for development in other cities by combining with actual situations. The smooth contract signing between American DreamWorks Animation Company and Yurun Group not only symbolizes the great progress made in the development of Yurun’s entertainment industry, but also in the meanwhile, promotes the revolutionary development of the domestic entertainment industry, and enriches the cultural life of many people. The settlement of the project will play a positive role in accelerating the urbanization construction of Nanjing, driving the development of the regional economy, expanding the extension of China’s cultural tourism industry, and enriching the connotation of China’s entertainment culture market. (Source: First Financial Daily)