Yurun and Talley’s Company Signed Strategy Agreement

       On Jan. 11, 2013, Yurun Meat Industry Group and New Zealand Talley’s Company signed the Supply Strategy Agreement, and Talley’s Company authorized Yurun to exclusively import New Zealand AFFCO mutton and use its brand in China, symbolizing that, Yurun Meat Industry Group has made a new step forward in internationalized cooperation strategy. Both parties’ representatives, including Andrew Talley, Talley’s Chairman, and Zhu Yiliang, vice chairman and president of Yurun Group, attended the contract signing agreement.

       Talley’s Company, having a history of one hundred years, hammers at the production of safe, credible and sustainable chilled fresh beef, mutton, and meat products, and enjoys a high prestige in the world for the safety, outstanding quality, and sanitary processing of its products. The company has passed the certification of international safety systems like HACCP, in all meat processing procedures. The company’s production, quality control, and professionalized employee training standard are recognized as incomparable in the world meat food industry.

       New Zealand is one of the purest and most natural sources of high-quality meat in the world. Talley’s Company makes the best of New Zealand’s advanced agriculture and pure natural environment, uses the flocks and herds completely stocked on New Zealand’s clean, green, original ecological and spacious grasslands to produce all mutton and beef, and owns the world top-ranking varieties of mutton.

       Talley’s Company takes a special fancy to Yurun’s brand and channel advantages. Through the establishment of “supply strategy alliance” partnership between both parties this time, the products of Talley’s Company will enter the China market after Yurun’s deep processing. Also, in this cooperation, Yurun Meat Industry Group will refer to Talley’s Company’s advanced quality management system, provide full chain import quality guarantee for consumers together with Talley’s Company, and provide more opportunities for the Chinese consumers to taste imported foods.

       Insiders said after analysis that, the cooperation of magnates in the two countries’ meat product industry would provide a good opportunity for the Chinese meat product industry to operate according to international standard, and would bring about active influences for the development of the whole industry in terms of business concept, production technology, management experience, and talent cultivation.

       It’s learnt that, Yurun Group realized a total sales of RMB106.1 billion and had nearly 120,000 employees in 2012, and it’s the only private enterprise having “one laboratory, two stations and three centers” (national key laboratory, academicians’ work station, and post-doctoral scientific research station) in China. The Group’s safe, nutritious and delicious chilled fresh meat and meat products manufactured with such techniques as pre-cooling and de-acidification are very popular and much accepted by the consumers. (Source: National Business Daily)