Yurun Group’s Chairman Zhu Yicai Obtained the Special Honor of “Chinese Economy Leader 2012”


Scene of the awarding ceremony; the second person from the left of the first row was Mr. Zhu Yicai, the Chairman of Yurun Group

       The “Awarding Ceremony of Chinese Economy Leaders 2012 ” jointly sponsored by Phoenix Network (www.ifeng.com), 21st Century Economic Report, Voice of the Economy, Central National Radio, and Zhejiang TV was held solemnly at the National Swimming Center “Water Cube” on Dec. 1. The award winners at this ceremony included not only entrepreneurs from Mainland China, but also economy leaders from North America and Taiwan China. Total 10 famous entrepreneurs, including Yurun Group’s Chairman Zhu Yicai, et al, were nominated “Chinese Economy Leaders 2012”.

       It is learnt that, with the theme on “New Decade, A Better World”, the Awarding Ceremony of Chinese Economy Leaders 2012 gathered more than 100 domestic mainstream media on the spot, and was broadcast jointly by Phoenix Satellite Television and Zhejiang TV; and the unprecedented media lineup created the most influential financial and economic ceremony of this year. At this grand ceremony, the list of Chinese Economy Leaders 2012 was issued, and it was jointly elected by public raters (readers, netizens, and audience), professional scholars and chief editors of media in half a year. Different from the traditional election activities that take performance as the sole measurement criterion, the election of Chinese Economy Leaders expanded the horizon to include the whole world, showed solicitude for the mainstream values of the Chinese people in the world, and measured and evaluated candidates from four levels, namely, global visual sight, insight of the era, industrial foresight, and Chinese values. Since its start in 2009, the Awarding Ceremony of Chinese Economy Leaders has elected 40 leaders, who have made outstanding contributions in terms of transmitting the value of the time, and guiding the mainstream values in Greater China, and affected several hundred millions people in Greater China.

       As a candidate specially recommended by the Organizing Committee, and based on his outstanding contributions to China’s meat product industry and active achievements in promoting China’s agricultural industrialization, Yurun Group’s Chairman Zhu Yicai enjoyed popular confidence in obtaining the award. He is also the head of the agricultural industrialization leading enterprise having obtained this special honor. At the Awarding Ceremony, Xiong Yan, chairman and secretary of the party committee of China Beijing Equity Exchange, and award winner of the Third Chinese Economy Leader, awarded the prize to Zhu Yicai on behalf of the Organizing Committee. Zhu Xuedong, chief editor of China Weekly, put a question to Mr. Zhu on “agriculture, peasants, and countryside” as a questioning guest. Zhu Yicai said at the Awarding Ceremony that, “Even though our development is unbalanced and there is still a large income gap between urban and rural areas at present, the new urbanization strategy will guide the accelerated development of the urban and rural economy, radically change the unreasonable binary structure having exited for a long time, promote the settlement of “agriculture, peasant, and countryside” problems, and accelerate agricultural modernization. The development of new agriculturalization has made up for the deficiency of agriculture to a great extent, and will bring about the development of environment for China’s economy in the upcoming 10-20 years. As an enterprise involving agriculture, Yurun Group will usher in a broader development space, and will strive to ascend into the World Top 500 Enterprises. Meanwhile, the country is expected to accelerate reform, to make the market have a higher self-sufficient efficiency, and to make the spirit of the era play a greater role in realizing the great rejuvenation of China as a nation.”

       It’s learnt that, as a key leading enterprise of national agricultural industrialization, Yurun has the responsibility to set up a model in the industry. Under the leadership of Zhu Yicai, and through full industry chain construction, full circulation system establishment, and full-process traceable exploration, Yurun has truly established a food safety chain from the headstream to the terminal end, innovated the long-term effect management mechanism of food safety, and provided the most reassuring and safest meat foods for the 1.3 billion Chinese people. The key to realizing the industrial transformation and upgrading of agriculture rests with raising the scale and efficiency of agricultural industrialization.

       As for Yurun’s development in the next decade, Zhu Yicai said that, along with the constant acceleration of new urbanization and agricultural modernization, Yurun would make efforts to enlarge and strengthen its major business food and drive peasants to increase income. Firstly, Yurun would increase the input in the preliminary and deep processing of agricultural products, and focus on supporting agriculture. Over the past 20 years since its foundation in 1993, Yurun had formed relatively systematic business operation concept, and laid a relatively solid foundation for development. At the next step, Yurun would further increase the input in the headstream, continue to do a good job in the live pig slaughtering and meat products deep processing industry, help peasants sell their livestock products, increase their operating revenue, and promote their employment locally Secondly, Yurun would accelerate the upgrading of the agricultural products processing industry, and benefit peasants comprehensively. Yurun would exert efforts to develop the modern livestock breeding and supporting feedingstuff industry, help peasants realize the conversion and increment of foodstuff, enhance their technological breeding level, and guide the transformation and upgrading of the stock raising industry with the world advanced varieties and breeding techniques at present. Thirdly, Yurun would construct a modernized agricultural products trading platform to develop agriculture with services. In the last two years, Yurun had been focusing on developing agricultural products logistics, moved forward from the secondary industry to the tertiary industry, achieved base’s direct supply and factory’s direct selling through establishing a modernized agricultural products trading platform, driven the large-scale planting of peasants at the base, reduced intermediate circulation sections, stabilized market prices, and lowered the losses brought to peasants due to periodic fluctuation of vegetable prices. We expect rich, heavy accumulation with minimal distribution in order to bring about a fundamental change to China’s traditional agricultural products circulation. Fourthly, Yurun would strengthen strategic integration of the tertiary industry by surrounding the main business, and promote the development of agriculture. Taking “enlarging and strengthening the main business” as foundation, and relying on full industry chain operation, Yurun would join up the channels among the first, secondary, and tertiary industries, namely, the traditional agriculture represented by breeding, the industry giving priority to food processing, and the service industry taking agricultural and sideline products circulation as the core, in order to comprehensively expand the fields of serving the “agriculture, peasant and countryside”.

       When accepting media interview, Zhu Yicai said that, generally speaking, private enterprises must further strengthen the awareness of responsibility to undertake social services and embody the awareness in concrete practical actions during the process of participating in the new “urbanization and agricultural industrialization”. Meanwhile, he expressed the expectation that, the country could accelerate reforms, release more reform bonus, create a looser policy environment for the development of the private economy, make the allocation of resources in the market more efficient, and make “entrepreneur spirit” play a greater role in the construction of an overall well-off society.

       It is learnt that, after establishing Yurun Group in 1993, Zhu Yicai has taken the lead in bringing forward and advocating the business concept of “You trust because we care”, led his team to work hard, and eventually made Yurun grow into a large enterprise group taking food as its main business after 20 years of development, and provided nearly 12 employment posts nationwide. When leading the enterprise to become larger and stronger, Zhu Yicai has always undertaken social responsibilities and given full play to the guiding function of a leading enterprise. He has invested to build factories in “former revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by minority nationalities, remote and border areas and poverty-stricken areas”, and guided rural peasants to increase income and become rich. Meanwhile, he has participated in various charity and glorious careers actively and enthusiastically. For his contributions to China’s food industry, private economy development, and socialist economy construction, Zhu Yicai has been successively elected as a member of the 10th and 11th NPC, a member of the standing committee of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, vice chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce, and chairman of Nanjing Federation of Industry and Commerce. (Source: Phoenix Network --- www.ifeng.com)