Chairman Zhu Yicai Honorably Titled as “Meritorious Entrepreneur in the Meat Product Industry of China”

       On Oct. 12, the “China Meat Food Industry Development Conference 2013” was held in Qingdao. More than 100 domestic and overseas enterprises related to meat products attended the conference, and jointly discussed the opportunities for, the challenges confronted by, and the development prospect of the meat food industry. As a model enterprise in China’s meat food industry, Yurun has made outstanding contributions to guiding industrial development over the past 20 years since its foundation, and so, Mr. Zhu Yicai, the founder of Yurun Food, received the honorable title “Meritorious Entrepreneur in the Meat Product Industry of China” specially issued by the Organizing Committee, fully affirming the industrial status and value of Yurun.


       Changing the situation that “higher output is not accompanied by a higher income” faced by peasants

       Taking “the development of the national food brand, and the prosperity of the national food industry” as its own responsibility, Yurun Group has always attempted in recent years to realize the enterprise’s structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and international market expansion. In terms of guaranteeing food safety, Yurun, as a navigator of China’s low-temperature meat food industry, has taken the lead in establishing a perfect food safety control system, constructed full-process traceable food safety information mechanism, controlled the upstream and downstream management strictly, and perfected the supply chain system comprehensively. From live pig breeding and slaughtering, product research & development and processing to product sales and logistics distribution, Yurun has realized comprehensive development of full industry chain. Upstream, it has developed the livestock breeding and feedingstuff industry, and constructed the “Company + Base + Professionalized Cooperation Organization” benefit-linkage and peasant-benefiting mode rich in the characteristics of Yurun after exploration, and enabled peasants to become rich together while ensuring the safety of raw materials. Downstream, it has developed the modernized agricultural product cold chain logistics industry, ensured the delivery of safety products to terminals and consumers through full-process 0—4℃ cold chain transportation system, and in the meanwhile, shortened the distance between agricultural products and market, changed the peasants’ pattern that “higher output is not accompanied by a higher income”, and enhanced the process of agricultural industrialization.


       Meeting common people’s diversified purchase demands of food products

       In terms of sales concept, Yurun has always hammered at promoting the low-temperature living concept of “low temperature wisdom, elegant life”, brought more high-grade hotel products and low-temperature products to the families of common people, and guided the fashion and tide of the healthy consumption of low-temperature foods, in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of meat consumption in China. Since last year, Yurun has started to integrate its sales channels, and successively launched the new monopoly mode of “Yurun Meat Trading Company” and “Membership” consumption, in order to provide meat foods and products purchasing services that could meet more individualized demands. On this basis, Yurun has launched the “Yurun Catering Channel Sole Trader” mode this year, provided better services and convenience for dealers’ channel management, started a new round of industrial sales channels integration, and guided domestic meat marketing into a brand-new era.

       Yurun has achieved preliminary results the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of its industrial structure. In the “News Release Conference on the Statistical Results of Commodity Sale in Chinese Market” in 2013, Yurun ranked 1 in China for the market share of both its low-temperature meat products and chilled fresh pork. This was the 15th year in succession for Yurun to obtain the championship for the sale of low-temperature meat products, and the second time for Yurun to win the championship for the sale of chilled fresh pork. Yurun has gradually become one of the meat product brands most trusted by the consumers.