Yurun Group Titled as “National Advanced Unit of Enterprises’ Party Building Work”

       On July 6, 2013, the “National Enterprises’ Party Building and Innovation Forum and the Conference on Commending National Advanced Units of Enterprises’ Party Building Work and National Excellent Secretaries of Enterprises’ Party Committee 2013” jointly sponsored by China Institute For Leadership Science, China Cooperative Trade Enterprises Association and China Research Center on Enterprises’ Party Building was held solemnly at the Beijing National People’s Congress Conference Center. More than 300 persons attended the forum, including related department leaders of the Central Committee, such as Wang Hanbin (former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and secretary of Leading Party Group), Li Jinhua (vice chairman of the 11th CPPCC), Zhang Quanjing (former Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee), Shao Ning (associate director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council), and Liu Haipan (former vice president of the Party School of CPC Central Committee), as well as famous party building scholars and national famous enterprises’ secretaries of party committee and party workers. A total of 50 units, including Yurun Group Co., Ltd. were nominted “National Advanced Unit of Enterprises’ Party Building Work 2013”, and Yan Diming, vice secretary of the Party Committee of Yurun Group, and others were given the title of “National Advanced Worker of Enterprises’ Party Building 2013”. The forum was hosted by Yang Lu, a famous CCTV presenter.

       This forum had the theme of “comprehensively enhancing the scientific level of enterprises’ party building”. At the forum, Fu Bin, vice chairman and secretary general of China Cooperative Trade Enterprises Association, gave a welcome speech; Dai Yanjun, professor and associated director of Teaching Research, Party Building Department of the Party School of CPC Central Committee, gave a topic speech “Party Building Innovation and Enterprise Development Under New Situations”; related persons responsible for the Party Group of five large enterprises, including Yan Diming, vice secretary of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of Yurun Group accepted the spot coverage and dialogue on Innovating Party Building Mode and Agglomerating Positive Energy for Development as specially invited guests.